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The Local Shack and Alta Intelligence have jointly launched a new digital Marketing platform using Business Intelligence and predictive analytics to transform the way The Local Shack manages overall Business execution


The Local Shack uses the latest technologies that allow the restaurant to make decisions based on data and knowledge


Knowledge is power and by understanding and deeply engaging with clients through their lifecycle it brings always the right promotions at the right time to it's members, having created one of the most explosive growth in 12 months of 3X


The launch marks a significant milestone in the restaurant chain as it positions it self for explosive growth across Australia and Internationally 

Historically, restaurants have been managing Marketing, Customer Engagement, Loyalty programs, Inbound and Outbound communications, Social Media ads, SEO using little or outdated technology, basic metrics or simply not leveraging any of the new technologies that allow for real growth


Our digital world has made clear that businesses require the power of Business Intelligence, Data analytics and predictive analytics. Also deep understanding of Marketing platforms to be able to take advantage of the new restaurant digital Marketing economy 

In short, Data from your POS, WI-FI, Members Program, Restaurant activity and Marketing engine becomes your compass using the power of analytics to make better decisions and Marketing campaigns that help you grow your bottom line. Investment that returns FAST 

The Local shack and Alta Intelligence have partnered to bring The Local shack at the forefront of the new era of the restaurant digital Marketing economy 

Want to taste the success of The Local Shack? 

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